. David Fletcher
Game Art

Starship Troopers Storyboards

In October 2016 Propstore auctioned a large collection of items owned by the movie director Phil Tippett. He is probably best known for the popular Jurassic Park meme where he is credited as "Dinosaur Supervisor". He was also the creature visual effects supervisor for Starship Troopers, a satirical 1997 sci-fi movie about the human race fighting a bug-like species across distant planets.
The auction contained several original hand drawn storyboards by Phil Tippett and I was lucky enough to buy eight pages. Below I have listed the storyboards I acquired and where in Starship Troopers I believe they were used. They are drawn in pencil with ink annotations.

KI-1A (1 min, 47 secs)
During the opening scene of the movie we see a flash forward to the Mobile Infantry's (MI) first landing on the Bug planet Klendathu. The scene is from the perspective of a TV camera crew and we see the MI running around a rock and encountering a Bug attacking the TV presenter.

KI-1A (1 min, 55 secs)
At the ending to the same scene we see the Bug pick up the TV presenter in its jaws and tear him in two.

KL-7A (59 mins, 29 secs)
The Mobile Infantry have invaded Klendathu and discover giant defensive Bugs marching scross the Horizon.

KL-8A (59 mins, 31 secs)
The Mobile Infantry watch as the Bugs launch space bound plasma, destined to destroy the human attack ships.

TU-39 (1 hour, 14 mins, 24 secs)
Rico attacks a Tank Bug by jumping on its armoured back, shooting a hole through its carapace and dropping in a grenade. In this shot we see him flung off the Bug as it spins around.

TU-43 (1 hour, 14 mins, 41 secs)
Rico's grenade kills the bug and he stands triumphant infront of its carcass. The storyboard appears to differ slightly from the final shot in that it shows a wider angle and more MI troopers rather than Rico.

PL-46A (1 hour, 28 mins, 37 secs)
The Mobile Infantry have been sent to Planet P to investigate a distress call from a MI base. They discover a trap and are soon attacked by a huge swarm of Bugs. The Bugs scale the walls and the camera then pans to show the MI retreating into a rescue ship.

PL-46B (1 hour, 29 mins, 31 secs)
Zander Barcalow who has arrived on the resuce ship can be seen shooting Bugs which are by now climbing over the walls of the base.


KI - Klendathu Intro
KL - Klendathu
TU - Tango Urilla
PL - Planet P