. David Fletcher
Game Art

Studying for a degree in computer animation unleashed two great creative forces in my life; a love of drawing and a fascination with the form of structures around us. Fortunately, these two forces have served me well, both in my subsequent career in the computer games industry and in developing my personal portfolio of work.

My professional work has allowed me to experience cutting edge art and technology, and to learn from some exceptionally talented people. Computer games have also provided the perfect platform for exploring another great fascination and theme in my drawings; understanding what happens to structures when they are destroyed.

In my drawing, I attempt to translate the detail and complexity of a CG world into the purer medium of pen and ink but without losing the narrative within the image. Each piece focuses on a particular building, chosen because of the history, significance or just the architectural brilliance of the structure. These structures are then laid bare, the destruction revealing the hidden beauty and complexity within.

In addition to the architecture, each drawing contains references to major news events that were occurring whilst the work was created. In this way, the old structure is very much set within the here and now. So, in my more recent work, you will see errant bankers, visiting popes and protesting students – if you look hard enough.

I am hoping to continue my London theme by drawing a few more of the capital’s most memorable buildings – all new drawings will be posted up here so please keep checking back.

I hope you enjoy exploring my pictures as much as I enjoyed drawing them.

2016A Letter In Mind, Oxo Gallery, London.
2015A Letter In Mind, Oxo Gallery, London.
2011Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London.
2009ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.
2008Annual Cambridge Drawing Society Exhibition (as member).
2001National Centre for Computer Animation Degree Show, London.

All images © David Fletcher 2016